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Prepare a client for competitive response to a strategy it launched

Claire fragte am 1. Jun 2019 - 1 Antwort
Also looking for LA-based candidates to do live practice

The bootcamp material on competitive response is very helpful, but I do have a question on the less common type of CR cases which the article didn't cover:

  • In case when I'm asked to give recommendations on how a client should anticipate competitor response to a strategy implemented by it, how best should I proceed and structure?

I know such questions might be rare compared to the reverse type (assessment of threat FROM competitor and action plan), but just curious as to what would be the most appropriate way to structure / answer it at a high level.


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antwortete am 4. Jun 2019
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A good answer would likely be based on a framework that would review the strategy of the clients company, the market, the competitor's capabilities and goals.

1. Client's strategy - understand why they have pursued this strategy in particular (e.g. is it a respnse to a certain market development, change in consumer behavior) and what is the strategy looking to achieve

2. Market - What is happening in the client's market and how would it shape the behavior of competitors (e.g. is it contracting, changes in regulation, etc.)

3. Capabilities of the competitor - By building a view on the key capabilities of the competitor, e.g. what are their strengths

4. What are the goals of the competitor and their owners - If they are looking to sell the company their response will be very different from a company that is looking to take market share

Hope that helps!

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