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Networked my way into the interview - Disadvantage ?

Anonym A fragte am 28. Feb 2019

Hi guys,

I have been working as an intern at an M&A Botique and performed quite well there. They had also offered me a full time position, which I declined. I apparently impressed the partners there quite well, which is whey they offered me to help me on my further career part. Long story short, they forwared my application to Bain and I basically got invited to the interview for an intern position.

Nonetheless, I am a bit worried. My graduation grades were average but university grades were top 5%. To conclude I am certain, that Bain wouldn't have invited me without the referral, and I am kind of worried that they would assess me differenly because I got in through a referral rather than their own selection process.

Do you guys have any thoughts about that?

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Francesco antwortete am 1. Mär 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

you won’t be assessed differently during the interviews due to the referral; however, the interviewer may ask questions on your graduation grades during the initial behavioral part in case they are reported in the CV. Be simply prepared for that question and there should not be any other issue.

Hope this helps,


antwortete am 28. Feb 2019
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Stop worrying. You got your interview, now everything is based on how you perform in your interviews. The decision on who to interview are made by recruiting/HR, your referral may have helped in that decision, but if you were unqualified they wouldn't have invited you. Now the interview process is done by consulting staff, who will solely base their decision on your interview rounds.

So focus on the things you can control, which is your interview performance!

Vlad antwortete am 28. Feb 2019
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Pls don't worry - once you are at the interview - nobody cares about the resume and how you were selected!


antwortete am 3. Mär 2019
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There's a complete reset once you come to the interview: everyone starts from zero, background becomes irrelevant. The best ones on interview-day will move forward.

antwortete am 2. Mär 2019
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Once you are at interview, everyone is equal! In fact, some Bain offices have started using the practice of 'blind interviews' - i.e. your interviewer won't have seen your CV, Cover Letter, or anything else about you besides your name. Even if they do have your CV, it is unlikely that the interviewer would even know if you were referred.

Don't worry and focus on the interview!

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