Messed up final round MBB, now picking from Roland Berger, ZS, Cornerstone, and F500

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fragte am 7. Okt. 2018

Hi everyone, I'm having trouble deciding what the best option is moving forward and wanted some help.

I recently was rejected after final rounds at MBB, and now I'm picking between offers from Roland Berger in the US, ZS in Canada, economic consulting Cornerstone Research in SF, and F500 CPG rotational and brand manager type roles.

While I know goals can change, for now my goal is still MBB consulting.

So my decision criteria between these options primarily revolves around exit opportunities. Whether re-applying to MBB directly, or trying to get into a top 7 / top 15 MBA and trying to recruit again.

Any thoughts between these option?

  1. Roland Berger in US

  2. ZS Associates in Canada

  3. Cornerstone Research in San Fran

  4. F500 CPG brand manager type roles

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antwortete am 7. Okt. 2018
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Of these, Roland Berger is the most prestigious and the one where you are most likely to do MBB type work. I'd put ZS second since you profess a desire to do actual consulting.

In my experience, the research shops are often a bit disappointing though I don't know Cornerstone Research specifically

Last but not least, CPG rotation would give you a great CPG experience - very valuable, but not what you indicate you want to do.

Reapplying to MBB won't work until your profile changes significantly, most usually after doing a top MBA. MBB recruits from the top 20 in the US btw. All these roles would be interesting to get into an MBA; they may also be sufficient for you to reapply to MBB after a couple of years...

If I were you, I'd take them in the order listed and do an MBA no matter the path chosen. Congrats on getting so many offers btw

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Jason am 7. Okt. 2018

Hu Guennael, thnaks so much for your input. Really appreciate it. I'd have a question about that then--my original thoughts lied with you in terms of Roland Berger, but I also wasn't sure of the name/brand's ability to transfer into the US. Given the US practice is perhaps only 90-100 people big. Do you think the brand quality as well as work quality can be considered transferable?

Guennael am 8. Okt. 2018

All MBB know Roland Berger - that alone should be enough. Answer is yes :)

Anonym A antwortete am 16. Okt. 2018

Hi Jason,

I would agree with Guennael in terms of positioning for the 4 options you have left. This being said, I would consider the type of industries and geographies you are interested in.

From my understanding both firms have a U.S. and Canadian presence but the home cities might be different. As for industries, I think Roland Berger US is more focused on chemicals, utilities and automotive. Lastly, take into account total cost of living if that is something that you value.

Generally speaking you are better off in Canada on PPP.

Best of luck!

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Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews
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