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I'm curious about the structure of the answer for Question 2. 

For the outsource option, the answer suggests that the volume required for insourcing to be profitable is greater than 20M….(X-20M)(*2) + (20M)*(2.25). 

If the volume were 15M, then the second factors of this equation can't hold true. Does anyone have a different way of solving this?

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Yes, the formula doesn't work if volumes are below 20M however you have to notice that…

…in the in-house option, the initial investment is $50M, meaning that you need to sell 20M bottles with $2.5 margin to make any money. 

So if the volumes are below 20M, outsourcing is always better.
If volumes are above 20M, you should use the suggested formula. 

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antwortete am 25. Sept. 2022
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Hey Tim!

Could you provide a bit more context here?

What are the values provided and what is the case actually asking you to calculate?

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Anonym A antwortete am 24. Sept. 2022


In cases when margins are equal to or higher than $2.5, insourcing would never beat outsourcing. In other cases, the formula still applies.

Take an example of a tricky case where X is cancelled out, if volumn were 15M, and for example investment cost were 30M, margin would have to be $2 → cost to self-produce were $2.5 (just as high as the highest cost to outsource), which means there's no way insourcing can beat outsourcing.

Thus, I think the formula still works, and we may need to look outside the formula a bit :)


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Bain | EY-Parthenon | Roland Berger | FIT | Market Sizing | Former Head Recruiter
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