London Big-4 Consulting vs Singapore MBB?

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Received offers from MBB in Singapore and Big-4 Consulting in London. Is MBB really > Big-4 consulting? Does the location matter much (if personal preferences aren't a concern)?

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MBB is absolutely a better choice than Big-4 for strategic consultancy. You should consider the Big-4 offer only if you have a strong preference for London.


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If I were you, I would choose MBB in Singapore. Obviously MBB>>Big4, and Singapore is an amazing country and is much ahead in every aspect. The projects one would get in Singapore would actually be the projects rest of the world would have in the future. Plus, one would be close to the Asian market which is growing at a much faster rate.

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The short answer is yes.

You are much better off in the long run starting at MBB in Singapore. Unless you have an immediate need to live in London it is a no brainer, and even then you can probably transfer within a few years out of Singapore if you have good personal reasons.

Take the MBB offer.

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Hi Michael,

congratulations on your offers! MBB would make much more sense if you are location-agnostic, the main reasons are the following:

  • Better exit opportunities. Many consultants stay just few years – exit opportunities are thus very important in particular at the beginning of your career
  • Stronger alumni network. Not only you will have better exit opts, but you will be able to connect with MBB alumni for the rest of your life which is a great asset
  • Project types. Projects are more strategy-based, less implementation based

Besides that, in Singapore you will have a far higher pay due to the lower taxes and all the economies around here are booming.


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MBB in Singapore hands down. Lots of interesting projects, much better exit opportunities and if you do well you can always transfer to London office in a couple of years

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I would definitely choose MBB in Singapore:

  • MBB is much much better than Big4 (Salary, career growth, learning curve, exit opportunities - absolutely everything)
  • London is one of the worst locations for consulting (Low salaries due to Brexit even at MBB, not even saying about big4)


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It´s a double YES!

1st of all, MBB is much better than BIG4 Consulting in multiple KPIs (salary, prestige, aluni network, exit opportunities, etc.)

2nd, Singapore it´s a dream location -if you have availability of course, and don´t have any ties to other places such as family-. Taxes are much lower than in London, so your neto will be very generous.

Hope this helps!



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