Is there a MECE way to structure: Competitive Response

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Alexander fragte am 31. März 2019

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antwortete am 26. Apr. 2019
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Hi there,

Happy to help if you could explain your case and your initial approach.


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antwortete am 1. Apr. 2019
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Hi! Generally speaking, such questions need to be addressed as rigorously as possible. At the highest level, a response to a threatening competitive move can go into two directions:

(1) Preventing the competitive move (think about lobbying with regulatory authorities or public opinion leaders, changing the rules of the game such hat this move would not be rational for the competitor anymore, etc.)

(2) Alleviating the consequences of the competitive move (fighting back, protecting your revenues/profits/brand etc., reducing vulnerability, diversifying your portfolio, ...)

You should outline this as a decision tree with branches and the (expected) et value of outcomes. This is how you think through response options in a rigorous way.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Sidi

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antwortete am 31. März 2019
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There are no magic pills and we need to know the objective and the context of the case to help you with the structure


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