How do I study for the Bain Math Test? Is the test done online or in Bain office?

Lape fragte am 7. Apr 2019

How many cases should I prepare for before the Bain Maths Test? How long do you think I would need before the case interview?

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antwortete am 8. Apr 2019
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Hi Lape,

It depends on an office: in London, Dubai you pass it online, while in Moscow you go to the office to solve a written case.

Bain Test includes maths, graph analysis and complex calculations. You do not need to practice cases to pass the Math Test. If you have mathematical backgroung, 5-10h will be enough for preparation.

What is more, as far as I know ther is only one platform, which prepares for BAIN tests. It is You can visit and check the tests there.

Kind reagrds,


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