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Hi, I am attending a networking event with McKinsey at my school tomorrow. I'm a business major but its open to all majors. Any tips/suggestions? Thank you!

Anonym A fragte am 13. Apr 2018 - 2 Antworten
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Several tips:

  1. If it is a case practice event - be ready with cases. Many events have the group cases and you can shine if you are prepared more than the average candidate
  2. Have in mind interesting questions to ask. Skip the boring / negative ones are career growth or work hours. Ask the smart questions about different industries and the future of the consulting
  3. Do a lot of networking after the event. Write a thank you note to the consultant or even approach him later to practice a case.
  4. More tips on networking you can find in my post here:


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Hi Anonymous,

below you can find the things I would keep in mind in a networking event:

  1. Prepare a strategy to reach your goal. Your goal in a networking event is normally to put the basis for a referral. If that’s the case, you should get in touch with few of the current consultants and find a way to create a positive connection with one of them. Your goal in these conversations should not be to get a referral on the spot; rather, you should try to provide a good impression with smart questions, transform the dialogue in a conversation and ask the consultants in the end whether you could reach out later for further questions. If he/she says yes you can then ask for his/her business card. If you made a good impression and the person is an alumnus of your university (usually at least the junior ones coming on campus are alumni) there are chances you could later transform the connection in a referral. You can find some examples of good and bad questions to ask at the following link:
  2. Arrive early, stay late. Best moment to talk is when the event is not crowde
  3. Prepare questions in advance. If possible do research in advance on who is going to present
  4. If they offered to help more in the future, send a thank you note after the event, thanking for chat and the opportunity to keep in touch



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