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Preparing for my BCG second round interview and have two questions;

1) What is the hardest question you have given/received in an interview? And how will you react if the interview is aggressive and a little off putting in the interview.

2) Market Sizing - How will you size the market of hedge funds in - for example - London?

Thank you

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1) One of my favourites is "Explain X to my 8 year old daughter" with X being a very complex topic. It forces you to be really crisp in your communication and is a good one to test consultant skills.

2) Give it a try first and we'll provide feedback :)

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During my final round interview with BCG, the partner saw my dissertation topic (which was about football) in my CV, and asked me a tailored question: what are the top 10 areas we can create a business in sports sector? what would be the revenue stream for each idea? which one would you prefer and why?

In some cases, partners like to do a pressure test. In these circumstances, try to take a moment to gather and structure your thoughts.



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