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1. Does anyone know what cases at goetzpartners management consultant are like? They aim to test strategy, finance and a third field.

2. Moreover, I heard that they do a math test. Any specific information on that?

3. Do they also test brainteasers?


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Anonym B antwortete am 22. Feb 2017


  1. The cases usually test strategy, finance and business development. You should be familiar with the common business concepts and financial terms and calculations (CF, BS etc).

  2. About the math test, I recommend you to use the quantitative part and infos of BCG potential tests and McK PST that is available online for preparation. It is quite similar, but I believe gp math test is a bit easier. Otherwise just practise your mental math skills.

  3. Yeah, in my case they did but I have heard that other candidates didn’t have to do them, I dont know on what this depends.

In general personal fit part at gp is very important! It was one of the friendliest consulting interviews I had, they managed to provide a very nice atmosphere which is great for when you get nervous easily. But it shows that they really want people to fit to the team, so make sure you are well prepared for the personal fit part and also the presentation!

Good luck :)

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