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Hello together,

I am currently preparing for my first round interviews at MBB. During most case interviews I encountered mid-case questions and I was wondering which holistic frameworks exist to approach those questions in a structured manner e.g. a value chain to identify possible cost improvements or meta-structures like "internal vs. external". I am not reffering to the standard frameworks like 4P, Ansoff, etc. Maybe there is a list on the most common structures to use.

Thanks in Advance!

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You are correct, you should always be structuring the case. There is a number of ways how you can approach it:

  1. Mathematically (e.g. Total time spent on cleaning operation = # of people x Frequency x Hours per cleaning per person)
  2. Formula (e.g. output rate = total number of people being served / time to serve one person)
  3. Common industry drivers (e.g. revenues = # of customers x av. check) (e.g Passengers on the plane = capacity x Load Factor) or theindustry revenue streams (Fuel revenues / non-fuel revenues for the gas station) or the functional drivers (e.g. for the problems in sales : Sales strategy / sales people and allocation / motivation / sales process)
  4. A real framework used by the consultants (e.g. the famous Bain Cap framework for PE due dills: Market / Competitors / Company / Feasibility of exit) (e.g. People / Process / Technology) (e.g. The famous McKinsey framework - People don't want to do smth / they can't do smth / smth prevents them from doing that)
  5. A well-known academic framework (e.g. Product / Distribution / Price / Marketing (Also known as 4P))


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