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EY-Parthenon Case: Virtual Marketplace
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Where in the case does it specify that the core product has already been examined? It just says that EY-Parthenon has examined the market environment in detail. Thanks

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These advertising revenues is what the management seeks to focus on in the case (the core product has already been screened and shows no further potential due to fierce competition in pricing).

If it's not in the pitch but in the comment, you can assume that the interviewer is supposed to steer candidates aware from this and provide this nugget of information to prevent them from barking up the wrong tree.

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Hi there,

I agree with Henning, it is included in the notes to the interviewer.

So, as an interviewee, if you were to ask about it, they would tell you. But, if you don't ask, they don't have to tell you!

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Bain | passed >15 MBB interviews as a candidate
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