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Bain Bain & Company second round
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Heyo -- I was invited for a second round at Bain (an office in Southern US, my hometown) after an on-campus interveiw program @ Harvard. First round didn't go particularly poorly -- got along well with my interviewers but didn't crush the case on one of the two interviews. Does anyone have any tips on second round? Particularly what things to hone in on for the case, and what fit questions might be asked? What would be an automatic cut? Any idea how many candidates would get offers and how soon we'd hear back given this is the "decision round?"

fyi this is for undergrad recruiting and for the AC position


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Several points about Bain:

  • The second round is usually much harder (i.e. less mistakes in the cases will be forgiven)
  • The Fit questions are exactly the same: Story about yourself, Why consulting, Why Bain, Any favorite questions the interviewer has (can't predict here), your questions to the interviewer

Other than that it's hard to say enything specific because your question is quite broad and it looks like you didn't have a lot of case prep


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