ATKearney Middle East - Dubai: how is the recruiting process structured for a full time Business analyst position?

Anonym A fragte am 4. Mär 2018

I've passed the 1rst round of AtKearney Dubai, and have been invited to a third interview with a principal. Nevertheless, I have been doing all the interviews via Skype. Has somebody gone though the recruitment process at ATKerney Dubai? How many round are there? Will they fly me to Dubai from Europe?

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Annm antwortete am 31. Mai 2018

Hey, Can you please let us know how the recruiting process finally was ?


Vlad antwortete am 5. Mär 2018
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I recommend you to ask the HR. They are pretty opened to share this information.

The process depends on your type of recruiting. With MBAs they may have just the skype interviews.