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Hi everyone!

I'm interested in applying to DHL consulting but I'm not sure whether my profile will be relevant for you. I prefer not to go into detail that much but could you please tell me in general what are the entry requirements at DHL consulting? For example

Which university degree do I need (including major) ? Do you have a preference of masters degree over bachelor's degree?

What minimum German GPA is needed? How important is the high school diploma? Any grades you look at in particular?

How much/do I need previous work experience in consulting?

What language skills do I need besides English? How good does my German needs to be?

I would highly appreciate it if you could give me more detailed information.

Thank you in advance!


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Tijana antwortete am 13. Sept. 2018
HR Specialist Recruitment


I will give my best to cover all the questions.

In general, we don’t hire for a specific major. It’s more important that our consultants have a structured mind & business sense, are number driven and people orientated. Of course, there are some university programs that foster these skills more than others, but we do not exclude any majors per se.

Talking about BA vs. MA degrees, the majority of our new joiners have a Master degree. However, we also take in BA graduates if our criteria are matched. If someone joins us after his/her BA, we also offer basically an educational leave to follow up on a Master, MBA or PhD.

Yes, we look into particular grades. This is also why we are asking for all your academic transcripts. As described above, we want to have Consultants that are analytical and number driven. A minimum is not defined, it’s rather the overall profile that we are taking into account, the same holds true for the high school grades. In any case, it is nice to see if an applicant is e.g. in the top 5% or 10% of his/her class.

Previous work experience (be it internships or full-time work experience) in management consulting or strategic departments is a strong signal for us. Ideally, our consultants know about consulting tools on their very first day – they get lots of responsibility from the beginning.

Regarding the language, honestly, we don’t care about your German skills. We do offer German classes to our non-German colleagues, which they are free to take. Whereas English is the number 1 language in all offices, each of the satellites requires a second language:

  • Miami - Spanish or Portuguese are of advantage
  • Singapore – any Asian language is of advantage
  • Shanghai – Mandarin at a proficient level is a must

Kind Regards,

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