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Accenture vs Big 4

Alex fragte am 10. Jul 2019

Hi all,

What is better Accenture (Business analyst) vs Big 4 (advisory)

in terms of brand name, pay + exit opps?

My goal is to break into MBB, so which of the following companies provide me with a better chance?

Thank you in advance!

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Vlad antwortete am 10. Jul 2019
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I worked at Accenture and McKinsey and here are my observations:

  • Accenture is very international and lot's of the projects will come from abroad since Accenture is leading the global accounts
  • Salaries are a bit higher than in Big4, but much lower than at MBBs
  • Accenture has very deep expertise in digital and IT. Lots of Acn people make it to MBB digital branches now even without a downgrade
  • Accenture a has much better culture than any other company in the industry


bearbeitete seine Antwort am 11. Jul 2019
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Both Big 4 and Accenture are independenlty nice places to be where you will learn a lot and be challenged at work. However using them to get into MBB may not be the ideal career path. I presume you don't want to go down the tradition MBA hiring route, in which case a better bet is to think about areas where you can build true expertise (either an industry vertical, functional knowledge or technical expertise) and leverage that in a few years to recruit as an experienced hire at MBB


Francesco bearbeitete seine Antwort am 18. Jul 2019
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Hi Alex,

if your goal is to end in MBB, neither would be ideal and joining a second tier strategy consulting (Strategy&, RB, OW, ATK) or doing an MBA before applying would be better.

If you really have to choose between the two, Accenture, assuming you are referring to the strategy division, would be better (it would be more likely for you to do strategy projects). However you will likely need a very strong referral to be invited at MBB.




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