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Your client, Fysikum, is an operator of squash centres in Sweden. The squash centres include sauna, spa, pool, gym and of course the squash courts. Due to the extreme success in Sweden the company is considering expanding to other countries of Europe, in particular Germany.

Therefore they asked us to evaluate this possible expansion.

Sample Structure

I. Background - Question 1

First we will start with the more qualitative part of the case.

1. What kind of information would you need in order to estimate the outcomes of this expansion?

I. Background - Question 2

2. How would you gather the needed information you just mentioned?

II. Cost - Question 3

Now we can start with the more quantitative part of the case.

3. Can you determine the minimum annual membership fee Fysikum has to charge in order to cover the running cost?

II. Cost - Question 4

4. Are you sure that this is an annual membership fee and not a weekly charge?

III. Competitors - Question 5

5. The dominant market player for squash centres (60% market share in Germany) offers memberships for €50. Would you recommend entering the market?

IV. Conclusion - Question 6

6. If you have to report to the CEO right now, what would you tell him/her?

Weitere Fragen

What other possibilities are there to differentiate the offered service compared to the competitor?

Notiz für den Interviewer

More questions to be added by you, interviewer!

At the end of the case, you will have the opportunity to suggest challenging questions about this case (to be asked for instance if the next interviewees solve the case very fast).

32,4 Tsd.
mal gelöst
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