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Unternehmenscase von SET Management Consulting
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As one of three management consultants with many years of experience, you have SET yourself the goal of founding your own management consultancy. The topics, contents and solution offering with which you can advise and support potential customers are clear. The legal company is already founded and registered in the commercial register. Now you must pitch your business plan to the banks to get the necessary start-up financing!

Especially the banks are interested in the underlying rationale of the SET Management Consulting business model. Your goal is to think of relevant financial KPIs and be prepared to explain the underlying revenue and cost streams in more detail.

With that, you have following assumptions in your business plan:

  • 10 consultants in total (including yourself)
  • Average yearly salary per consultant 100.000 € (fixed)
  • Average hourly rate as minimum pricing point that clients are willing to pay 250 €
  • Founding costs (e.g., legal fees etc.) 20.000 €
  • High-end IT equipment per consultant as invest 4.800 € (useful life 2 years)
  • No office in the start-up phase
  • Website + SEO 40.000 €
  • Expected employer’s contribution to base pay salary 20 %
  • Financing requirement EUR 300.000, expected interest rate 3% p.a.
  • The assumed utilization for the start-up phase can be taken from the assumption illustration (See exhibits)
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1. Which sales channels should we use to acquire new customers?

2. Which financial KPI should we focus on within a pitch of our business plan to potential banks and what other non-financial KPIs could be important to better convince the banks of our business model

3. What kind of revenue models could we have?

4. When is the break-even point?

5. There are a lot of to-dos within this start-up. What responsibilities and departments do you think are important at first (organizational structure)?

6,5 T.
mal gelöst
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