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Case Study Coaching
Fit Interview Preparation
Application File Review (i.e., resume and cover letter)

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I am a strategy consultant at Accenture with 3 years of experience in various domains such as Digital Strategy, IT Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategy, Product Strategy, (Digital) Transformation Strategy, Restructuring Business Case Development, and Change Management. I have worked with clients like Bosch, Siemens, Volkswagen and BMW across different industries and geographies, delivering high-quality solutions and recommendations.

At Accenture I am the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all strategy interns in ASG, where I provide them with onboarding and first steps, career coaching & mentoring, and interview prep coaching. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with aspiring consultants and helping them achieve their goals.

I believe that strategy consulting is a rewarding and fulfilling career but especially in the beginning it requires a lot of preparation and dedication. That’s why I am here to offer you my expertise and guidance, and to make your journey easier and most enjoyable. I look forward to working with you and helping you succeed in your consulting career.



My coaching approach is based on a standard strategy framework that I have refined and adapted over the years of my consulting experience. It consists of four main steps that we will go through together to develop your personal interview strategy and build the skills necessary, to excel in your interview.



Step 1: Current State Analysis 

In the first step, we will assess your current situation and profile. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, your motivations and goals, and your areas of improvement

Step 2: Future State Development 

In this step, we will define your desired outcome and target position. We will explore the different consulting roles and firms that match your aspirations and skills

Step 3: GAP-Analysis & Roadmap Development 

Next, we will compare your current state and your future state, and identify the gaps that need to be bridged. We will determine the key competencies and criteria that you need, to excel in all interview steps for your aspired position and company. Based on this, we will select the most suitable building blocks for your needs and design a personalized development plan (Roadmap), outlining the building blocks, timeline, and the milestones for your interview preparation.

Step 4: Implementation 

Finally, we will execute the development plan and conduct the coaching sessions. We will use a variety of tools and methods to enhance your case-solving and personal fit skills. We will also monitor your progress and adjust the plan as needed. Afterwards, I will provide you with ongoing mentorship and support to kick-start your consulting career.



I am offering you a comprehensive suite of building blocks meticulously designed to cater to every phase of your journey into the world of strategy consulting. Each package is tailored to address specific needs, ensuring a personalized and effective coaching experience.

Together we will shape your personal development path and focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses. Let's create real value - no off-the-shelf standard coaching!

We will jointly derive which building blocks and contents are most important for you and your personal journey to become a strategy consultant. Here I've got some more insight on those building blocks and how I can help you:

Strategy Consulting Career Counseling

  • Taking a look at the consulting landscape and helping you navigate through various roles and firms
  • Tailored advice on aligning your skills and aspirations with the right consulting career path
  • Insights into the day-to-day life and expectations of a strategy consultant

Application File Review

  • Comprehensive review of your resume, cover letter, and further application material
  • Actionable feedback to enhance your application’s impact and visibility

Referral and Networking Support

  • Strategies for building a robust professional network in the consulting industry.
  • Assistance in securing referrals to boost your application’s chances.

Case Study Structuring Coaching

  • Hands-on training on structuring complex case studies efficiently.
  • Tools and frameworks for tackling diverse case scenarios.

Case Study Diagnostic

  • Detailed analysis of your case-solving skills with constructive feedback.
  • Personalized plan for improvement based on identified areas of weakness.

Personal Fit Interview Coaching

  • Customized coaching sessions focusing on behavioral interview preparation.
  • Strategies for effectively communicating your story, skills, and motivations.

Case Study Mock Interview

  • Real-time practice sessions simulating actual case interviews.
  • In-depth feedback with actionable insights for performance enhancement.

Offer Selection and Negotiation Support

  • Guidance on evaluating job offers from consulting firms.
  • Expert advice on negotiation tactics for optimal employment terms.

Pre-start & Ongoing Career Counseling

  • Support in transitioning into your new role seamlessly.
  • Continuous career advice ensuring growth & development within the firm.



  • I love career coaching and offer you my extensive experience working with students and young professionals
  • You will get a tailored approach for your specific needs
  • I guarantee we will have a lot of fun along the way :-)

I made mistakes so you don’t have to!

My journey into strategy consulting was not a smooth one. I came from a non-strategic background, having worked as a research associate at WZL RWTH Aachen, focusing on Human-AI Interaction research. I had to work hard to land a job in strategy consulting, and I faced many challenges and frustrations along the way. In the very beginning I wasn’t aware of what the actual job would look like and was about to quit. However, I adapted and developed behaviors to deal with the aspects that bothered me (elbow culture, strong hierarchy, long work hours, bad work-life balance, etc.). Now, I love my job and I want to help you love it as much as I do


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