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Are you looking for a case coach to help you land an offer? Look no further. Text me or schedule a free intro call to explore how I can help you succeed. Having just recently transitioned from consulting, I bring substantial experience as an official interviewer and mock interview coach at BCG, successfully guiding over 20 candidates into BCG and other MBBs. I am in an ideal position to provide the support you need.

I don't merely provide 'case practice sessions.' You deserve a dedicated coach committed to your success, someone genuinely invested in helping you reach your goals. I make four commitments to ensure your experience is exceptional:

  1. Comprehensive and detailed evaluation and analysis of all your strengths and weaknesses across the relevant evaluation dimensions as well as specific actionable steps to improve - already in our first session together
  2. Clear feedback after the case and availability for any questions that might come up between sessions
  3. Enjoyable session with honest and 100% individual feedback
  4. Sessions are untimed and last until all points are clearly explained and all your questions are answered

Impress your Interviewers with Expert Case Coaching

As your dedicated Case Coach, my primary goal is to equip you with the skills and confidence needed to excel in case interviews. Drawing upon my extensive background as an ex-BCG Consultant and Interviewer, I offer tailored guidance and comprehensive support throughout your preparation journey. Together, we will ensure that you not only meet but surpass the expectations of your interviewers, leaving a lasting impression.

About Me: A Journey from Aspiring Consultant to Seasoned Interviewer & Coach

My journey in consulting commenced with a pivotal internship at BCG during my undergraduate studies at WHU, after the 4th Bachelor semester (sophomore year). Although I initially deferred the offer from my internship, I successfully navigated the rigorous consulting application process a second time, securing offers from both BCG and Bain. Opting for BCG, I declined my McKinsey interview and swiftly progressed from Associate to Consultant within a year (fast track). My commitment soon extended beyond project work, as I actively engaged in interviewing, training, and coaching.

Invaluable Insights from 200+ BCG Interviews

With over 200 BCG interviews under my belt, spanning case interviews and mock sessions as a Case Coach for BCG Recruiting, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. As BCG Case Coach, I helped 20+ candidates successfully land an offer at BCG Germany (71% of the candidates I have had multiple coaching sessions with received a BCG offer). My role extended to conducting interviews in Germany and the UK (1st and 2nd round, including lateral hires), conducting case interview workshops, mentoring at recruiting events, and training new interviewers through interviews shadowing. This breadth of experience has cultivated an exceptional expertise in calibrating and analyzing case interviews. 

Experienced Coach: Bringing coaching and teaching skills to the table

In addition to my consulting background, I am a dedicated coach with 170+ hours of (internally) coaching and training hundreds of BCG associates. I am a certified professional coach trained Brown University (8 months course). This extensive training enables me to facilitate deeper discussions with coachees, delving into the nuances of how their responses resonate with interviewers and guiding them toward genuine improvement. It gives me an edge in preparing candidates to impress interviewers with the kind of skills they would expect to see in experienced consultants.

What does a typical session look like?

In just one session, you will gain a comprehensive 360° perspective on your profile, uncovering strengths and development areas. I'll equip you with optimal methods to tackle every aspect of the case that poses a challenge.

A typical session consists of:

1) Answering any questions you have and discussing previous feedback and challenges

 2) Doing a MBB-type case with challenging and dynamics from an experienced interviewer. If suitable, we play start-stop and repeat individual parts of the case to boost your learning experience

3) Going step-by-step through the feedback on an overall level (key strengths and weaknesses) and in every part of the case. We will make sure you understand best practice approaches to each area you struggle with and know how to practice them on your own. Where required, we do a “mini-workshop” to teach and ingrain critical skills such as building a custom framework

4) Discussing any remaining questions and optimizing your further prep to make sure you spend your time on what truly matters in your case

Typically, we start with an initial diagnostic session, using an especially versatile case to immediately detect and discuss 90% of your weaknesses. Further sessions will be across the different case types to make sure you steadily improve with optimal actionable feeback and can answer any case question confidently. As an experienced career coach, I am also particularly experienced in helping you with personal fit answers and stories and working on deep topics such as mindset shifts. Ultimately, the session is 100% tailored to your needs and can be adjusted to your goals and challenges.

Passion for Empowering Talent: What Drives Me

What I find most fulfilling in my role is guiding exceptionally talented individuals who may have relied on memorization or did other mistakes in their past preparation attempts. Helping them develop a structured approach to problem-solving and translating their creativity into an efficient, well-communicated context brings me the greatest joy.

In choosing me as your Case Coach, you're not just gaining a coach; you're gaining a partner invested in your success. Let's embark on this journey together and elevate your performance to new heights.


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