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Case Skills are Learned, Not "Born" 

Success in case interviews is not about inherent talent; it's the result of a systematic approach - something I discovered, learning case skills from scratch and practicing >100 cases to receive offers from BCG, Bain and Dalberg. Together, we'll work to undersand the repeatable laws of structured problem solving, break down complex problems into logical, MECE components, and master the techniques needed for effective problem-solving. Internalising logic followed by deliberate practice is the key, as we work to hone your ability to apply frameworks, approaches, and problem-solving strategies consistently.

Building Strong Foundations in Logic and Business Acumen 

A solid foundation in logic is paramount for case interview success. Drawing from my experiences as a top performer at BCG, I understand the importance of approaching problems systematically. We'll delve into the art of breaking down complex issues into manageable components and synthesizing solutions effectively. Over time, this logical thinking evolves into a deep understanding of business dynamics, enabling you to approach cases strategically.

Real-World Problem Solving Practive as an Accelerator

To bridge the gap between theory and practice, I encourage you to embrace real-world problem-solving. My diverse background, including entrepreneurship and working with various businesses, has taught me the value of staying informed and curious about different industries. I've seen firsthand how this knowledge can be applied to dissect and analyze actual business challenges. My coaching aims to equip you with the ability to tackle real-world issues effectively throughout your consulting career.

Embrace Your Uniqueness and Leverage It 

I celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. My journey into consulting as a lateral hire from industry, with a background in entrepreneurship and diverse business experience, taught me the value of leveraging your distinct angle. These individual traits set you apart from other candidates, and we will tailor your “fit” preparation to leverage your distinct angle: whether industry expertise, a deep academic background, global exposure, or entrepreneurial experience, we'll work together to create a strategy that showcases your strengths. The goal is to help you find your own unique case-solving style and fit story, making you stand out in interviews, using the same approach that saw me secure offers from 3 top firms.

Mastering Key Skills for Case Success 

Drawing from my experience as a top interview performer and top case performer at BCG, I focus on developing the key skills needed for case interview success. I've interviewed dozens of candidates during my time at BCG, giving me unique insights into what top firms are looking for. This experience has honed my ability to guide you through structured thinking, improve your communication skills, and strengthen your quantitative abilities. Together, we'll work to achieve mastery in the key metrics you're measured on: structure, problem-solving, communications, business acumen, and fit.

With over 20 candidates I have worked with securing offers at top firms, I have a high placement success rate. I'm here to guide you on your journey to success in case interviews, drawing from my own experiences and expertise to ensure you crack the case, get the job, and excel in the career which follows.

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