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Case cracking will never be remain as a short term gain !
Top-down problem solving
Energy sector SME
Collaborative problem solving
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate (UTC +4)
199 USD / h
Case cracking will never be remain as a short term gain !
Top-down problem solving
Energy sector SME
Collaborative problem solving
199 USD / h
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Top-down Problem Solving

I have 13+ years of experience of working in the industry + consulting firms/ I have worked with leading consulting firms in the Middle East, Dubai, and India. Currently working as EM in Strategy& in Dubai office. Earlier I have worked with Kearney (London), Accenture Strategy (Mumbai), KPMG etc. firms.

I am also expert in Energy/Manufacturing/Process Industry and allied sector. I can share my expertise to help you land into those specific teams across different geographies in Tier 1/2 consulting firms.

Nowadays consulting firms are hiring more and more sector experts since they bring specific and sharp business acumen. Key reasons for this are:

  • MBA grads come without/minimal sector/business acumen
  • Consulting firms do not have time to teach these freshers the sector skills /knowledge
  • Clients/media continuously blame consulting firms to staff candidates who don't their sector.

This has led to huge competition to fresher MBA grads from the experts coming from industry. Consulting firms not only expect you to solve a problem through top-down approach but also expect you to bring your perspectives/judgment about specific sector for the case in question.

My expertise is to help you bring that deep knowledge in judging problem types and solving the problem with intuitive knowledge from the sector.

I believe that to solve any problem, 2 things are super important:

  1. A rigorous problem solving approach
  2. Disciplined and focussed practice is necessary

The more you do, the more you will understand the pattern of problem identification and then more you will become expert in generating relevant thinking from a top-down approach perspective to crack that problem.

In my sessions to teach you this problem solving approach, I typically cover 4 types of problem types:

  1. Guess-estimate
  2. Should we do it? type cases
  3. Why this happened? Root cause analysis type cases
  4. Idea generation problems

I would be completely invested in making you understand the methodical approach of solving each problem. Minimum 5-7 dedicated sessions will be typically to learn the problem solving approach. Needless to say, this has to be complemented by the rigours practice with peers. 

I would cover following areas through our sessions:

  1. Discovery call to understand You (free)
  2. Sessions (4-5) on the problem types mentioned above
  3. Sessions (1-2) to teach fit questions
  4. Session (1) to help you understand key sector insights (for all major sectors)
  5. Post interview/offer negotiation guidance (free)

I can also share numerous documents/videos/case books to practice and learn.

I understand you might not be earning right now but spending on the learning problem solving approach would be an Investment for your life. The main reason is that this skill/knowledge will help you not only in landing into all Tier 1/2 consulting firms but it will also help you if you end up taking industry roles.

P.S.: Discounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. I will share I can also provide complimentary sessions to help you understand the nitty-gritty of consulting in different geographies, compensation, work-life balance, project types, path to partner etc. areas.

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