Consultant at Roland Berger | Case, fit & CV review | Experienced interviewer and offering personalized coaching session
Roland Berger, KPMG
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Interview preparation and planning (Business Case & FIT)
CV and cover letter drafting
Tailored coaching plan and Consulting Career Development Mentoring

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  • Roland Berger Consultant with 3+ years of consulting experience (Roland Berger, KPMG, Management Solutions)
  • Strong experience with recruiting processes at Roland Berger (including coaching candidates for interviews, mentoring new joiners, etc.)
  • Active interviewing experience (Conducting interviews and CV & Cover letter filtering) - I know what interviewers look for when screening resumes and conducting interviews
  • Successfully coached many interview candidates into roles at consulting firms


  • Based on my background and extensive experience on both sides of the consulting interview process, I can give you an edge during your interviews. I am a tough, but friendly and honest interviewer when it comes to preparing for the interviews, providing feedback about your skills, and a plan for improvement.
  • End-to-end coaching throughout the entire application process (networking, CV and cover letter filtering, fit interview, business case) for top-tier management consulting
    • How to network with consultants to get interviews?
    • How to write perfect application documents (CV and Cover Letter)
    • How to get through case interviews successfully?
    • How to prepare for the interview (fit part, business case and follow-up questions), and what mistakes to avoid?
    • How to choose the right offer?
  • Individualized coaching targeted to your specific strengths, weaknesses and challenges
  • Live practice based on mock interviews with extremely detailed and actionable feedback

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you need a specific package or discount.


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