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Hello, I am Vitor. I worked for Bain for 4 years and re-joined consulting for Accenture Strategy for the past 2 years. Meanwhile, I worked for MercadoLibre and also for technology startups, gaining shareable experience beyond consulting environment

Before joining Bain, my team won the Bain Latin American Case Competition and I joined the Case Competition comitee afterwards as Bainee.

I also teach some topics for High Bridge Academy, a specialized school for those aiming consulting career and skills.

Currently, I am on a sabatical time living in Australia to help people to thrive and work in hands-on jobs.

I plan to turn my coaching sessions into something more professional as I did it before just to help friends, so you can count with my 100% dedication towards getting you a great offer.

Everything is taylor made, but this is the general idea:

  • How I can help
    • Straight to the point, honest feedback
    • Homework that you need to develop: 2-3 main things to work between sessions
  • Methodology
    • Resume
    • Fit interview
    • Questions to answer (STAR approach)
    • Questions for them
    • Cases
  • Sessions: 4 recommended
    • Opening: full for diagnosis
    • Fit in detail
    • Case in detail
    • Closure: full and closure
  • Key skills to nail in fit
    • Evaluation methodology: problem solving, team, client
    • How to convince you are results driven, driver
    • Being a team player
  • Cases
    • Case 1: Tradional numeric case (B2C) | Firsts round like, homework
    • Case 2: Less traditional numeric case (B2B, harder to guess) | Numerical or open, depending on the person, homework
    • Case 3: Open ended case | Final round like, homework
  • Key skills to nail in cases
    • Understanding what is asked and data provided (charts included)
    • Structuring: find the one that suits you
    • The art of being straight to the point (pyramid principle) + BEING OPEN FOR HELP
    • The power of the synthesys + risks


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