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Interview preparation and Case structuring
Deep knowledge of Middle Eastern and European Markets
Networking strategies

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About me

I have given 200+ mocks to candidates from all over the world and I have interviewed with dozens of top consulting firms. Prior to my MBA, I spent more than 3 years at KPMG as an M&A consultant, and after graduation I will join McKinsey & Co. in their Strategy and Corporate Finance practice.

How can I help you

1. Application: effective strategies to select geographies and offices to maximize your chances of getting an interview invitation. 

2. Networking: do you want to connect with consultants in a certain office, but you don’t know where to start? I can provide you with networking strategies to connect with any professional across different firms and geographies.

3. CV & CL review: I can help you to build or review your CV and CL. I will help you to highlight relevant CV bullet points, transferrable skills, and craft a customized story on why you are the right fit that firm needs.

4. Action plan: depending on how much time you have before your interview, we will develop together a specific action plan to maximize your chances of getting an offer. 

5. Fit and storytelling: many people underestimate the importance of having genuine and interesting stories to share with interviewers. Don’t be one of those people! We can work together to build strong and appealing stories and improve your communication style. 

6. Case prep: I will provide you with real cases and provide you with detailed and personalized feedback. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and build a specific action plan to tackle your main struggles.

7. Interview simulation: we will have a real interview simulation that will cover both Fit questions and cases, customized depending on the firm you are interviewing with.

My approach

My approach is based on 3 pillars:

1. Customized feedback: at the end of each session, I will provide you with customized feedback. We will track your progress together, and I will provide additional material for you to exercise with your peers. 

2. Real cases and Fit questions: all of the Fit questions and cases we will do together are based on real cases that I faced during interviews. We will solve them together and I will impersonate a real interviewer.

3. Structured communication: I will teach you how to communicate in a structured manner, pushing you to structure your answers in any context.

My approach is tailored to your needs. If you have certain aspects of your preparation you want to work on, reach out and we’ll plan it together!

Why me

I have been exactly in your shoes! I recently interviewed with McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Kearney, Strategy&, Roland Berger, and others, so I perfectly understand the challenges you are facing and the emotions you are feeling!

I have gained extensive valuable experience on the recruitment processes and the different interviewing styles. 

My information is very recent, and my strategy has a solid track record of successes!

I am flexible across time zones, and I look forward to helping you on your journey to secure an offer from your dream company!

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