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Happy to schedule a 15min intro call so we can get to know each other (at no cost :)

About me:

I am passionate about coaching and supporting people to achieve their dreams. When I got my offer at McKinsey, I was very grateful to have experienced mentors that helped me with case preparation. Now, I want to provide you with the same support system to land your MBB offer! :)

My approach:

Strength-based: Every candidate is different, I will show you where you can shine vs. other candidates, so that interviewers will be excited about you and vouch for you in the hiring decision

Targeted: There is a lot of information out there, I will focus on the most impactful improvement areas, typically a few tweaks can make you stand out vs. 99% of other candidates

Customized: I can support you in excelling in cases, personal fit interviews, and intro discussions. After every case, I will give you structured feedback along 5 proven criteria that I've used as interviewer at McKinsey

How will a typical coaching process look like:

Ideally we have 3 sessions, you tell me the focus areas before our first meeting (example structure below with focus on case interviews):

  • #1 - Your objectives, assessment case, theory review (if necessary), written feedback & homework
  • #2 - Your story, case simulation with focus on main improvement areas, written feedback & homework
  • #3 - 1h interview under real life conditions, detailed step-by-step case feedback from an interviewer perspective (beyond the solution)

My promise to you:

  • 100% commitment to your success
  • Caring coaching to build your confidence one-step at a time
  • Answer all questions you have (also outside of scheduled sessions)
  • Open for a long-term mentoring relationship at a later stage (e.g., when you join a firm, how to survive the first 90-days)

I am very much looking forward to supporting you in your journey.





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