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Unstructured cases, FIT preparation, PEI story lining
Mindset Shift, Interview planning and preparation with Actionable feedback
Strengths based development with bespoke frameworks

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About myself: I am an Associate at McKinsey in the London office. I have conducted 240+ mock interviews (on and outside of PrepLounge) with candidates from all around the world! I secured offers from 9 top consulting firms across the world over last 6 months. My expertise includes the Middle East, UK and the European markets. Though I specialise in MBB and particularly McKinsey, I look forward to supporting you in getting multiple offers from all your target firms.

What does my coaching look like? I ensure to provide a detailed personalized coaching focusing on strength based development. We will work together in different ways based on  your position in the consulting prep, your strengths & weaknesses, and your learning style. After an introductory call, and understanding your position better, I will help you build a tailored plan for your preparation.

Approach for the interview prep:

  • An initial interview, including fit and case : the objective is to highlight candidate strengths and improvement areas
  • Next, practice structured and unstructured atypical cases with detailed actionable feedback with focus on structuring and frameworks
  • Thorough preparation on Fit and PEI by digging deep into your stories and brining out the best to present your authentic self in the interviews
  • Some additional interview tips will include how to communicate with your interviewer including case delivery, how to close your interviewer, and sharpening your executive presence!

 Additionally, I can help with one off sessions covering one of or combination of the following:

  • Career Strategy
  • Deep-dive resume review
  • Deep-dive cover letter review
  • Networking/recruiting plan
  • Initial case to gauge strengths/weaknesses, alongside concrete recommendations for focus areas
  • Story Lining for PEI (McKinsey FIT preparation)
  • Crash course on frameworking/struturing

If you want to get to know each other or if you have additional questions, feel free to reach out for a free introductory call ! I’m always happy to share advice and talk about my experience. And always Remember Persistence is the key!!



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Premium + Coaching
  • Premium-Mitgliedschaft für ein Jahr
  • Plus ein Experten-Coaching (im Wert von mind. 139 EUR)
  • Dein idealer Start in die Case-Interview-Vorbereitung


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