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~My Background~

I have given 100+ mock interviews (on and outside of PrepLounge) with candidates from all around the world and done 30+ real life strategy consulting interviews across 8 firms in the last 12 months! I have 4 years of consulting experience at KPMG before my MBA and am an Incoming Consultant at BCG after completing my MBA at IESE & NYU.

~What I can do for you~

I can help you with:

1) Career Strategy: To help you understand if Consulting is the right fit for you

2) Application Strategy: What firms to apply? Which geographies to apply? How to rank different office preferences? 

3) CV / CL: Need help to build/review your CV or Cover Letters? I can help you highlight your transferrable skills and bring out the best version of you on paper!

4) Interviewing Strategy: I can help prepare an action plan to tackle your interviews. 6 weeks left? 4 weeks left? 2 weeks left? 1 day left? No problem :) I can help you utilise the time you have left until your interviews by preparing a detailed and actionable plan to refine your skills for both case and fit interviews.

5) Case Mocks: I will provide you with real life cases from the best consulting firms in the world. I will give you a very thorough feedback to help you identify your blindspots, stress-test your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses from Day 1.

6) Fit Mocks: I will dig deep into the rationale behind your fit answers and help you think and articulate i) clearly ii) concisely and iii) logically

7) Fit Answer Preparation: I can help review your Fit answers, point out critical improvements and provide tactical ways to clearly structure your answers 

~My approach~

  1. I am going to push you to think deeper and quicker
  2. I will work with you during the interview so that we can solve a problem together
  3. I will challenge you to think and communicate in a structured approach
  4. I will help you find your blind spots and provide a road map to overcome your weaknesses
  5. I will go above and beyond to provide you constructive feedback that is actionable quickly
  6. Over multiple sessions, I will prepare your skill trajectory chart, to give you a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses from Day 1 and how you have evolved over time with practice.

~Why me~

  1. I have been exactly where you are very recently, so I understand the importance of perfecting your skills
  2. I have actually interviewed with BCG, Stategy&, Delta Partners, Roland Berger, Kearney, LEK Consulting, Monitor Deloitte and so many more firms across Middle East and Europe. Thus I am familiar with their recruitment processes and interviewing styles!
  3. My information is very recent and thus is more relevant than what other coaches can provide
  4. I am flexible across multiple timezones and am available to help on a short notice!

Blog-Artikel von Rushabh

Vorstellungsgespräch im Nahen Osten
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Vorstellungsgespräch im Nahen Osten

In seinem Artikel erklärt Rushabh genau, was du bei deinem Interview im Mittleren Osten zu beachten hast.


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