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My approach is personalised based on your level of preparedness, where you are in the application process, and your timeline to your interviews. 

My first session is a medium difficulty MBB-style mock case interview (interviewer or candidate-led depending on the style that you want to focus on) to assess your preparedness. It will cover all the major aspects of case cracking consistently at the medium level. 

I will treat each case practice session like a real case interview session, where:

  1. Regardless of the difficulty level the aim is to crack the case within 30-40 minutes (practising a 60 min+ difficult case won't help your timing and performance during a real 30 min case). 
  2. I will provide you with a hire/not hire decision, the rationale behind it, and what would likely happen at the roundtables as if it was a real MBB interview

We then spend the next 20-30 minutes going through detailed feedback of your performance, where you did well and where you could improve. I will suggest the most helpful next steps for you and answer any questions and doubts you have about the interview process. If there is a specific aspect that you would like to improve (case structuring, chart interpretation, generating deep insights, maths, etc.) we can hone in on that specific area, review techniques, and run through some focused drills to ensure that each part of your case is perfect.

My feedback style is honest yet constructive and encouraging. Confidence is a very core component in you passing your interviews and bringing the best in yourself. Unfortunately I have met many candidates with their confidence rocked due to a harsh / demotivating coach.

For fit interview coaching, I specialise in Bain fit interviews. I will start with what makes a Bainie a ‘Bainie’, the key things we look for during the interview, and the key red flags (so you do not make them). Then we can go through a mock interview question by question, providing feedback and revision suggestions as we go along. 


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