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I worked at McKinsey & Company, and you too, will reach your consulting goals. Together we will follow a tailored approach specifically adapted to your skills and objectives. I am very passionate in helping candidates find their calling in management consulting, which is an incredibly fulfilling career choice. 

Existing clients can still get the same price.

Most importantly, I also focus on ensuring you secure a place that you will feel happy working at. I offer career coaching, fit interview and case interview coaching, as well as career planning and sessions tailored to specific questions that you might have. 

In my coaching we can cover:

- Management consulting coaching on specific topics you want to focus on

- Application and career coaching

- Interview practice (cases, fit interviews, expertise-testing interviews)

- Case prep material

- How to create the job you love in consulting at a firm that you like

- Career coaching for experienced hires in consulting 

- Coaching for returning to work after leave (sabbatical, parental, etc.)

- Coaching for scientists and academics considering consulting

I also joined McKinsey both right after university and later again as an experienced hire and am familiar with the differences in career choices based on level of prior experience.


My past experience includes:

  • 5 years with McKinsey & Company, last as engagement manager
  • 2 years with Northgate Capital, a private equity investment management firm
  • 2 years with Chatham Financial in derivatives trading
  • Mensa membership
  • MBA from the University of Cambridge
  • BSc in Geosciences and Astrophysics
  • Mentoring candidates who wish to secure job offers at management consulting firms
  • Internships at the European Parliament and the Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics

Testimonials from candidates include:

„Thank you so much. It was really helpful to practice with you and learn more about what working at McKinsey would truly be like“

„I really enjoyed doing this case with you and your feedback was very valuable. I now know what I need to improve on and how to get there“

„Thank you so much again for the coaching session. My career plans worked out and I received an offer in inhouse consulting, which I am going to take.“

"This is great, thank you so much! It really helps me in preparing."

What sets me apart from other coaches

- passion for consulting and genuine interest in your success

- strong performance - many of my candidates have reported landing jobs at MBB. See also my high ranked reviews

- deep expertise from having worked at McKinsey, from coaching and from my effort to build a clear path forward for candidates (see Q&A)

- I will not only tell you what to improve but also how and share specific techniques

- I solve cases adhoc, often in sessions a candidate asks me what is the best answer and I solve parts of a case adhoc for them

- I also offer specific case preparations, such as presentation cases, large material cases, cases covering topics of your choice

- I am very flexible time-wise, it is ok for you to reschedule on short notice

- I try to point you as much as possible towards free resources, too, so you can practise on a budget, too

- for offer an email mentorship model, that enables you to receive tips and answers via email for an all-in price over a longer period of time

-  I emphasize skills building, in many sessions we will not just do a case but also discuss how you can grow your skills and reach the next level


Next to coaching sessions I offer the following 3 specialised services

- 1 month email mentorship: the price of 3 sessions, for one full month receive mentorship via email all-inclusive, ask anything and I will reply as much as I have time for

- mini-consulting project: want to do a mini-consulting project on an entrepreneurial project, come up with your ideas, do some market research and create presentations that I will proofread? I offer this - this may be particularly helpful for candidates that wish to show consulting experience on their CV - price: from 5 sessions

- CV and resume edit (3 rounds each, your input required), combined for only the price of 2 sessions (no discount available, formatting excluded)

- Solving a particular case for you, with verbal summary - 2 session price (you received a case during an interview, did not know how to solve it, I will solve it for you so you know what you could have answered and are prepped for next time) 

- Solving a particular case for you with write-up - 3 session price


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