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10+yrs recruiting & BCG Project leader
BCG trainer & coach
BCG leadership team-member
Accredited career coach (Int. coach federation)
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10+yrs recruiting & BCG Project leader
BCG trainer & coach
BCG leadership team-member
Accredited career coach (Int. coach federation)
249 USD / h
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Über Lucie

I am critical thinker with 15 yrs. professional experience working and living on 3 different continents. Since 10+ yrs. she has held diverse leadership roles with my last job for 4 yrs. being part of the leadership team of Boston Consulting Group as a Project Leader – taking the challenge to the next level, supporting large transformations, as well as supporting partially Learning and Development team as coach and trainer. Beyond, I am passionate about people development, lecturing today at the few universities and business schools (e.g. HEC Paris): Decision Making, Data, Research, Revenue Management, Leadership topics and business casing.

I love challenging topics seeing them as an enormous future opportunity, my drive is “more and better”. I have always been hired to fix and/or improve. I support clients seeking the optimal solution for their context. My key to success – beyond technical skills – are authenticity, open -communication and -mindedness, ability to inspire, genuine interest and trust in others’ capabilities.          

My focus is to enable the clients to break through the glass ceiling and gaining confidence in their unique abilities to succeed in the recruiting process. 


  • 10+ yrs. of recruiting and leadership role 
  • MBB (BCG) leadership role for 4 yrs: ability to share many hints and “secrets” that even consultants were not exposed 
  • Professional coach with the International coaching federation,
  • 2x voted the best BCG trainer teaching consulting skills BCG Associates and consultants,
  • Honesty from diagnostic, not promising unrealistic success (only less than 2% candidates make it in, coach helps tremendously but if coach claims even 50%+ of their coachees enter, please ask additional questions to understand how computed)

So, how can I help YOU:

1. You want to crack consulting! I will show and teach you how to sail smoothly through the top tier consulting recruiting process 

2. You DIDNT pass consulting recruiting process and you want to find what would be the best option for you to move forward

I bring 10+  year of leadership and international recruiting experience as Project Leader (part of the leadership team) at BCG. 

Why to choose me (using my clients words)

1. Today as a 2x voted the best regional BCG trainer I have been training actual consultants and newly onboarded BCGers  to acquire all consulting skills to succeed. I will help you to transform your thinking into a way that the top firm consultants do, focusing on fundamental (consulting) skills, rather than just "case cracking" skills

2. I was experienced hire and part of the MBB leadership team. Despite that cases can be similar to other coaches, only few coaches reached leadership role at MBB to offer assessment beyond the business case (maturity, communication skills, professionalism,...)

3. In addition to the coaching you will receive "Starter package" with a comprehensive content to prepare for your case and personal interview and homework cases to practice in between sessions

4. I am professional coach (PCC level) certified with International Coaching Federation allowing me to better approach the session to make it stick and not to force  

5. Having on my back many outstanding MBB (not only) clients' reviews for 

  • “Your positive and friendly attitude paired with direct and honest feedback. I also like that you put the focus on fundamental (consulting) skills”,
  • “I did not expect such a high amount of support outside of the official sessions”,
  • “For her it's all about the human behind the screen. She truly spends time on making a in-depth diagnostic of where you are currently and the steps to progress. Not just a quick diagnostic where a frameworks will be the main driver for your progression.”

 6. I offer attractive packages to help you crack in, reach out directly to ask about them

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23. März 2022
von Anonym
I would recommend to anyone who is interested to break into MBB. Great learning experience, structured approach, and Lucie is paying attention not only the coaching sessions but also your overall c...
13. März 2022
von Megha
Interview with Lucie gave me a good start to go about preparing for my FIT as well as case interviews. She guided me on the right questions to ask the interviewer for case interviews.
5. Feb. 2022
von Cristina
Coaching aus CoachingPlus 5
Great case and overall excellent coaching session with Lucie!
Project Leader & 20% BCG trainer
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