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Price per session is negotiable, I propose a 10min free discussion to first understand your needs. 

For fresh graduates, MBA candidates, and experienced hire with no more than 3 years of experience.

Please feel free to write to me to discuss one-off or 2,3,5 session packages.

Contact me if you are currently preparing for candidate led / interviewer-led and/or written case for MBB, tier 2 strategy consulting firms, BIG4 strategy consulting teams, boutique consultancy firms


About me

I am a strategy consultant at an internationally recognized tier-1 strategy consulting firm, Strategy& Paris, with 3 years of experience in a broad range of industries / project types. I have worked in 6+ industries (transportation, industry, energy, TMT, healthcare and logistics), several project types, several countries and multinational teams. 

My experiences have been marked with high seniority exposure, presentations to ExCom of large CAC40 companies, impact assessment, and other experiences that are highly valuable for case cracking.

I grew up in Lebanon, studied at the top engineering school in France (Mines ParisTech), Laureat of the #1 academic scholarship in France (Eiffel Scholarship for Excellence), worked in Dubai and France. I am passionate about renewable energies, new transportation technologies and disruptive business models. 

My Coaching & Career Development Experience

Throughout the past few years, I have coached 10+ students and accompanied them in writing their CVs, cover letter, telling their life's story and learning how to focus on the points that matter. I have been trained by the companies I have worked for to better improve these above-mentioned skills. I have also coached 10+ student at acing the case interview, whether a McKinsey interviewer-led case, a BCG / Bain candidate-led case, or a Monitor group case format. 

What I can offer you through our coaching sessions:

  1. (Fit) Help you articulate the positive experiences you have had so far, avoiding the natural negative vibe most candidates tend to project during interviews, sharing with you techniques that you can apply for ~5 minutes everyday to help boost your storytelling
  2. (Case) Acing the candidate-led, interviewer-led and written case interview by sharing with you my proven case cracking techniques, Do's and Don'ts, personalized frameworks and techniques to avoid looking too generic
  3. (Mock interview) Full mock case interview (fit & case) tailored to the company you are applying to
  4. (Company insight) Insight to the pros and cons / strengths and weaknesses of all top tier strategy consulting firms

My Approach

Flexible as per your needs and the number of sessions you intend on taking:

  1. Motivation: Your career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses; and challenge what is it that is driving you toward strategy / management consulting
  2. Preparation & application: Your story, main traits and experiences to put forward, impactful and straight-forward CV and cover letter
  3. Practice: Practice and share with you casing material, impactful frameworks, and practice full mock interviews (fit & case)
  4. Insight: Having interviewed with all the top tier strategy consulting firms, I will share with you insights on the companies you will be interviewing with in order to hit a home run in your interview !

I look forward to sharing my experience and material with the aim to help you be truly joyful in the career choices you make.


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