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Welcome to my profile!

I'm Chris – I have worked 4 years at BCG in the Vienna office, spending most of my time in Germany, UK and Switzerland on various cases in multiple industries. I've been part of the recruiting team as an interviewer and want to leverage my insights to help you have a fantastic, live-changing experience in consulting as I did. 

Let me introduce myself, so you can decide if you'd like me to support you on your journey through the interview rounds to get the offer you want. I keep it brief and boil it down to the most important things:




If you have any questions about my coaching approach, how our sessions will look like or how you should structure your practice plan, feel free to reach out. I'm happy to jump on a 5-10 min call if you leave your number.



  • 50+ candidates interviewed and coached on and offline.
  • 95% success rate, with candidates I could truly coach. I recommend at least 3 sessions for my coaching approach to help you land your preferred consulting job.
  • 2014. That was the year I was training and getting coached on Preplounge! Time flies.



  • Training vs coaching. I do emphasize both. That's why multiple sessions increase the success rate significantly (as commonly stated by coaches on Preplounge). Training is usually
  • Coaching everyone, from internship to full-time positions, from Junior Associates to experienced hires - I do demand focus and compassion.
  • Availability. Not everyone can practice full-time. I'm flexible, often times spontaneously available and am happy to do sessions on weekends. I will try to adjust my schedule if necessary to fit your practice plan (I am happy to advise on it too).
  • Before the first session. It is essential for me to know your CV, what position you are interviewing for, and any information you have obtained prior to the interviews that might influence the setting.
  • In the session. We will always check off any of your questions first, before I propose a training or coaching oriented session. Either way, most sessions are divided in 3 parts: Personal fit, the case, and Q&A / Feedback. Nevertheless, I will tailor any session 100% to your needs, and what I think will improve your game.
  • Between sessions. You receive tailored improvement advice and get a scoring card after every session with key dimensions (oriented at the BCG valuation criteria).
  • Message me. In between sessions I am available for questions of all kinds via email or mobile.



  • Learn how to think like a MBB consultant. This also required to know how one will see you from across the table. I will share what interviewers are looking for, how they read your CV, what they will (most likely) be putting under a microscope.
  • Story telling. We will identify stories that will become important in the personal fit part of the interview, as they will shape your profile to make you standout among the large number of other candidates.
  • Don't rely on pre-learned frameworks. Know the basics, but always be flexible. I will coach you to be creative and apply frameworks "your way". Authenticity is key, and sigs of rehearsing are easy to spot.
  • Every single one of my cases is actually derived from a real project. I mix it up, but here is no time for easy cases. I have prepared tough cases as well as some unusual cases. My goal is to set a high bar so you know what to expect and prepare for the tough real-life interviews.
  • Creativity. Not every case has to be solved in one way - there is multiple ways and creativity as well as rigorous math skills are mostly required in any scenario.
  • Have a GREAT answer to "Why [enter your preferred consulting firm]?". Spoiler alert: It's not going to be "I have friends who work here", I love the values", or "I will have steep learning curve". I will coach you how to craft your personal, and authentic answer. 

Let's get to work!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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