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My coaching sessions are based on the simulation of real consulting interviews. In particular, we will tackle three focus areas which will be the foundations for you to deliver a consistent and outstanding performance in all interview phases, regardless of the firm or geograhy for which you're applying. These are:

  1. Fit preparation: this section will focus on your interview attitude, communication skills and your ability to deliver a compelling story as to why you want to join a certain firm and how these movations are tied to your personal story. These aspects are often overlooked by candidates, even though in reality they play a pivotal importance in final evaluations;
  2. Case structuring: when it comes to structuring cases, most books and interview coaches provide you with old-fashioned frameworks that candidates learn by heart and simply regurginate in front of the interviewer: needless to say, this approach is unproductive and will not impress your interviewer. Throughout my experience of 200+ case interviews, both as a candidate and later as an interiewer, I developed a modular approach which will help you structure in a matter of seconds a roadmap that will allow you to crack the case in a much faster and more precise matter. You will find this approach counter-intuitive at first, but it works because each framework will be highly tailored to the specific case (regardless of industry, topic, etc.) and it has been developed in a way that it can be easily applied in high-stress and time-constrained situations: you no longer need to learn by heart 20+ case frameworks!;
  3. Case delivery: if structuring the case were the roadmap of your adventure, delivering the case is when we hit the road. Here, I will share with you all the consulting "inner circle" tricks and tips I accumulated in the years so that you can cruise through the interview. These include, for example, the most important business concepts you need to familiarize yourself with and mental math shortcuts to make calculations fast and error-free (e.g., fractions, percentages, working with thousands/millions, etc.)

You can choose to use our session to simulate a real interview across all the above areas, or, if you prefer, deep-dive on one specific topic. Regardless of your choice, at the end of our session, I will also provide you with actionable feedback based on real valutation scorecards as well as offline material / notes so you can continue working on your skills on your own.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


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