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My only mission here is to help you get the MBB offer!

Coming from a local and non-target school, I was not aware nor taught anything about consulting and business cases.  So, it was a very fresh start of learning and understanding consulting interviews when applying to multiple consulting firms 6 years ago.

Finding it hard to allocate time to practice, as I was working as a full-time banker while preparing my consulting interviews.

I feel you, I was in your shoes however your situation right now, either coming from a local school or coming from a non-target one or a busy professional who aspires to get into MBB.

Cracking MBB interviews is not rocket science, but it is just different art and science to be able to set yourself distinctive to interviewers' eyes.

I have mastered it and you can now leverage that. Having done 300+ real interviews and 150+ case coaching, I have all the resources, knowledge, and formula to get yourself an offer.



I will always start with discovery of your current state. We will work together to get you to your ready state.

I prefer to focus on QUALITY rather than on QUANTITY in the prep, I don't think the candidate with 100+ or 200+ cases by practicing the same thing will guarantee an offer.

Don't get me wrong, a certain number of case practices is still required, but you need to make significant progress by maximizing your strengths and avoiding unnecessary mistakes in every practice.

Knowing your current state is super important for me - this will be assessed either by a FREE OF CHARGE 10-mins pre-session call or email (whichever more convenient for you). It will help me to understand your:

  • Target firm(s)
  • # of cases you have tried
  • Level of understanding & comfort in case interviews
  • Key strength(s)
  • Major weakness(es)

Together, we will determine plans to reach your ready-state. Once I understand your current state, I will be able to explain the concrete steps for you to work on to reach "ready-state", such as (but not limited to):

  • Personal or fit stories
  • Your top priorities to work on (both for case & fit)
  • Type of cases you need to try
  • Number of cases for you to get a significant improvement
  • The milestones
  • Full interview schedule

It is then up to you to decide how fast you want to achieve based on your deadline. Some of those activities can be done by yourself only with the help of my direction remotely, and some parts require a meeting to make it effective.

Our meeting will be tailored to your goal of a ready-state. To ensure we have an effective meeting, we will plan to do any combination of below activities:

  1. General: Simulate full interview both fit & case
  2. General: Insider tips & trick
  3. General: Structured and actionable feedbacks (along with score)
  4. Fit or Behavioral: Deliver the right structure and message
  5. Fit or Behavioral: Discover your distinctive elements and unique stories to set you apart
  6. Fit or Behavioral: Leave an impactful impression to your interviewers
  7. Case: Fundamental approach to an interviewer-led session
  8. Case: Fundamental approach to a candidate-led session
  9. Case: The best way to formulate a hypothesis
  10. Case: Reading graph effectively
  11. Case: Quick math problem solving
  12. Case: Come up with a creative solution
  13. And many more

I will focus on what you need to hear not what you want to hear. Yes, I will be quite direct and transparent in giving feedback, but at the same time, I will definitely try my best to still maintain & build your confidence and comfort.

In addition, I am happy to just counsel you on general career advice, share my experiences at the firm, what to do and not to do - don't worry about the charge on this one ;).


  • 4+ years in Consulting - got promoted 2x (Junior Associate > Associate > Engagement Manager)
  • 3.5 years as Case Coach for McKinsey and my personal network (for the other MBB firms and Tier 2) - 100+ candidates with above 50% getting an offer and 75% getting into the final round
  • 3+ years as First Round Interviewers - I have interviewed 300+ Consulting Analyst, Business Analyst & Associate candidates
  • Secured 5 offers from MBB & Top 2nd Tier - I only went through 25 cases and 12 real bad interviews (so not really following 50+ rules)
  • Moving from Banking to Consulting to Founder - So, I am happy to support anyway I can outside consulting talks. It can be general life advice, founding a startup or current capital market condition

Leave me a message if you want to be part of the program :)


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