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Hi, I'm Chris, an expert here at PrepLounge! I've coached 1000+ candidates over the past 12 years (5 years with McKinsey & Company, 2 years with Accenture, Summer with A.T. Kearney, 4 years professional coaching). I led MBA recruiting as an Associate and Engagement Manager at McKinsey, and conducted over 200 interviews for McKinsey alone during that time. I'm also the exclusive Case Interview Coach for the University of Toronto's MBA and Master of Finance programs.

I have access to 100s of real-world cases that firms have used to evaluate candidates, and use the same valuation matrix that McKinsey itself uses to assess candidates. See below for my approach and a special offer for our first meeting!



I'd love to tell you about the approach I'd propose for our sessions together! Using these areas as a starting point, we'd tailor these components to your individual needs and create a plan that is unique to you.

There are 3 areas we'll need to perfect to land you your dream role in consulting:

1. Case Interview

By far the area that receives the most attention, case interviewing has its roots in management consulting, although it's found in interviews with 1000s of top firms today. My approach focuses on the 3 qualities top-tier consulting firms are looking for: structured thinking, quantitative analysis and senior-level communication:

  1. Structured thinking is a valuable skill well beyond just the case interview: I'll help you to refine the ability to take an abstract problem and break it down into manageable and actionable parts, a trait of all expert problem-solvers
  2. Quantitative analysis is where real insights are derived: you & I will work through relevant, real-world problems, forming an overarching approach and driving insights for recommendation
  3. Senior-level communication delivers your message where it's needed most: we'll review principles of top-down communication styles that favour up-front answers backed by justification, risks and next steps

2. Fit component

Many candidates focus heavily on the case portion, and under-prepare for the critical fit interview. As more and more candidates excel at cases, it's increasingly the fit portion that differentiates an exceptional interview from just a "good" interview.

Together, we'll review and practice the core aspects of the fit interview, including structured story-telling; linking your story to the values of the firm; and creating a 1:1 relationship in your story. 

3. Pre-application activities: resume review, networking and landing the interview

With fewer than 0.01% of applicants receiving a first-round interview with top-tier firms, there's plenty to do to increase your chances: ensuring your resume has the key components & structure firms are looking for, effectively networking and asking the right questions, and ultimately securing your first-round interview. Together, we'll formulate a plan to get you on the best path towards that all-important first interview. 



Choosing the right coach is a tough decision, and sometimes a quick chat can help you assess the fit with a particular coach. I'm happy to set up an introductory phone or video chat to discuss how we would work together to achieve your goals.

As well, as an introductory offer, I'm happy to provide 30% off our first session together! I'm confident you'll find the session a great investment, and would look forward to future sessions with you. PM me for details and we'll start our journey together!


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