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Former BCG | Case author for efellows book | Experience in 6 consultancies (Stern Stewart, Capgemini, KPMG, VW Con., Hor
BCG, zeb, Capgemini Consulting, Stern Stewart & Company, Volkswagen Consulting, KPMG, Horváth
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Initial structuring
Personal fit

Marco-Alexanders Angebote

Tier 1-Breaker
  • Cases for your industry
  • Tailored to you and your firms
  • Cases AND personal fit prep
  • Buche eine 30-minütige Lebenslauf-Review
  • Sende Deinen CV vorab an Marco-Alexander
  • Erhalte detailliertes Feedback und Tipps

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Ausbildung & Berufserfahrung


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Special offer for experienced hires

In addition to coaching graduates, I have a special program for experienced hires from other industries. It is customized to your individual situation and can include e.g.:

  • Preparation of application documents for consulting: How to adapt your documents for the next level of your career
  • Personal fit interviews in consulting style: How to present your experiences from other industries and your motivation for consulting
  • Case interviews: How to get strong in cases without previous knowledge in the short term besides your regular job

Offer for individual training program (with discounted bundle price) as well as customer references upon request


About me


  • Ambition: I made every possible effort to get my MBB offer and I will make every possible effort to get yours. Together we will leverage any imaginable chance that is possible somehow.
  • Knowledge of recruiting processes: Before I started at BCG, I gained pre-experience in 6 consultancies during my studies (Stern Stewart, Capgemini, KPMG, VW Consulting, Horvath, zeb). I experienced the recruiting processes of almost every big consultancy out there.
  • Case knowledge: I dealt intensively with cases and was also author for the efellows book "Perspektive Unternehmensberatung".


Session structure (recommendation):

  • Understanding (your goals, strengths and weaknesses) – time not charged
  • Exercise (case, math or personal fit)
  • Feedback / your questions

Afterwards for free: CV review and individual training plan for you

Marco-Alexanders Coaching-Paket
Tier 1-Breaker
Beinhaltet 5 Sessions
Cases for your industry
Tailored to you and your firms
Cases AND personal fit prep

Curriculum (tailored to you and your firms)

Session 1: Test interview (case and personal fit) to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses

Session 2 – 4: Individual deep dives to increase your strengths and improve your weaknesses (incl. intensive feedback and case checklist)

Session 5: Test interview to practice and to ensure coaching success

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5. Dezember 2022 von Anonym

I can highly recommend the Tier-1- Breaker Programm of Marco. He prepared me within 1 week for my final interview and I got a job offer. The whole program was great and tailor-made to my needs (Cases, Personal Questions etc.)

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1. August 2022 von Marc

I can highly recommend Marco and his teaching methods. He managed to prepare me in 1.5 weeks even though I had zero prior knowledge of casing, and gave me the confidence boost I needed to help me get my offer. The whole process was incredibly seamless from beginning to end, and I truly believe I would not have received my offer if not for Marco's guidance, tailored feedback and industry knowledge.

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9. März 2022 von Moritz

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