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I started my consulting career at Oliver Wyman Dubai in 2017. At OW, I primarily worked with Financial Services clients across the Middle East, completing projects for some of the region's largest Sovereign Wealth Funds and Banks. Additionally, I was also actively involved in the Firm's North America recruiting team, screening candidate resumes and representing OW Dubai at recruitment events across Canada & the US. Post my time at OW, I transitioned to Corporate Strategy in Canada for a F500 banking group.  

I am well positioned to provide a unique perspective on topics such as:

  • How to make your case prep efficient: Key takeaways from my experience case prepping, while working for a notoriously busy Investment Banking group in Canada
  • Management Consulting in the Middle East; Pros, Cons and key takeaways from my time in Dubai
  • How to decide whether Investment Banking or Consulting is the best fit for you
  • F500 Corporate Strategy recruiting insights, tips, and techniques


To provide a holistic preparation experience, I offer the following, with the flexibility to tailor sessions based on target geography [North America/ Middle East]:

  • Introductory/ AMA Session [upto 1 hour]: Initial session where we answer any specific questions you may have around consulting/ corporate strategy, resume/ cover letter writing, etc.
  • Case Interview [upto 1.5 hours]: We go through a full-length MBB/ OW case interview, followed by actionable feedback to help take you to the next level 
  • "Fit" Interview [upto 1.5 hours]: We go through core fit question buckets [motivation, why should they hire you, etc.] and I help you craft a compelling personal story to help differentiate yourself
  • Mock Interview [upto 2 hours]: We simulate an actual first-round/ final round interview at MBB/ OW, and go through both Case and Fit Interview components 


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