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Who I am

I was a consultant for 7 years at Bain and A.T. Kearney, from Analyst to Senior Manager and across European cities (Paris, London and Madrid). During those years I interviewed more than 200 candidates.

What can I do for you? I will check that all your basics are finecorrect any 'red flag' mistakespolish your skills and teach you how to crack the stuctrure and hypotheses of any case. In addition to that, most candidates struggle with developing case structures; that is why I have developed some unique exercises to help you learn that skill.

Born in Italy, raised between Chicago and Seoul, lived in Paris, London and Madrid during the last 10 years I am comfortable in training candidates in 4 languages depending on their preference (English, French, Spanish, Italian).

My approach

A standard session will be structured in the following way:

1. Introduction ~5min – to understand your goals, target firms and level of preparation

2. Full mock interview ~1h

  • Personal fit questions if needed – CV presentation and most common fit questions
  • Case interview – based on real cases and interviewee or interviewer led depending on the target firm

3. Feeback ~30min

  • Detailed feedback based on real MBB evaluation forms (quantitative skills, problem solving, personal impact, leadership)
  • Identification of improvement areas and actionable next steps

After the session, I will share an email containing feeback, actionable next steps, and the issue tree of the case.

My sessions are not time-constrained by the traditional one-hour standard but they will last until you have satisfied all your questions and have received a complete and actionable feedback on your performance.

In addition, I can provide:

  • Differences between interviews at McKinsey, Bain, BCG, AT Kearney and other top consulting firms

  • Ad-hoc optimal preparation calendar for the key areas of the interview (critical thinking & problem solving, analytical skills, communication, creative thinking and presence)

  • Preparation for BCG potential test or McKinsey PST or SHL test, with sample tests available

Why me

  • I truly enjoy training candidates and I am strongly committed to their success

  • 250+ real candidate interviews

  • Unique interactive exercise to practice 'Approach/Issue tree'

  • 7+ years consulting experience at 2 different firms - Bain and A.T. Kearney - from Analyst to Senior Manager and based across European capitals (Paris, London and Madrid). This can be hardly found in other coaches


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