Master the Strategic Mindset

  • Develop an effective and consistent method to ace strategy cases
  • Practice with real examples
  • Created by former McKinsey consultant Bernard
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The ability to “Think Strategically” is key in case interviews. However, many candidates lack a consistent, effective and reproducible method that works regardless of the industry. In this material, I will break Strategic thinking down to is component parts — the five pillars of Strategic thinking to help you build the conceptual foundation required for a strong performance during the case. You will learn how to think from the basics, ask the right questions, structure your approach effectively, and formulate specific and relevant hypotheses. You will practice with real case studies. Thinking strategically reduces the need for content memorisation and frameworks, making the case experience more fluid, impactful and enjoyable.

About the Author

Content Creator
McKinsey & Company | Expert Coach |Five star rated |First-principles approach to case studies

Bernard is a former McKinsey & Company consultant with a Ph.D. in Cancer Research from University College London (UK) and is currently working in the Biotechnology industry. 

Bernard is an experienced case interview coach, having helped several clients secure full-time positions with MBB firms. His mission is to empower clients to think for themselves and enjoy solving cases with curiosity and an open mind. He developed an unique approach blending scientific and Business thinking that has proven very effective with coaching clients and in his career. 

Bernard is passionate about empowering students and researchers without Business-related qualifications to transition successfully into Business. He has given several talks and seminars at leading universities globally, written articles, made YouTube videos and mentored more than 100 students. 

Bernard also loves playing basketball, travelling, entrepreneurship, meditating, DJing and playing the guitar.

Main Themes in “Master the Strategic Mindset“

What is Strategy?

  • We will define what “Strategy” means, and the main Strategy types companies follow. When you solve case studies, being able to “spot” the type of Strategy will help you ask good questions, anticipate opportunities and risks, and formulate hypotheses that are relevant to a given Strategy type

Introduction to the Strategic Mindset

  • Strategic thinking builds a bi-directional dialogue between the present the and future. We will learn this conceptual structure, where the five pillars fit in, and how it can help you solve case studies more effectively

The Five Pillars of the Strategic Mindset

  • The End-goal Perpective
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • First Principles Thinking
  • Hypothesis-driven Thinking
  • Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Case Examples

  • You will gain real case practice with three case examples


Why You Should Read This Material

Page 03

What is Strategy?

Page 04

Introduction to the Strategic Mindset

Page 11

The End-Goal Perspective

Page 13

Conceptual Thinking

Page 14

First Principles Thinking

Page 19

Hypothesis-Driven Thinking

Page 20

Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Page 21

Case Examples

Page 22

COVID-19 Vaccine

Page 22

Beauty Pharma

Page 26

Market Sizing

Page 30


Page 34

Concluding Remarks

Page 38

About the Author

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Page 40
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