First 100 Days in Strategy Consulting by David

  • Develop your consulting skills
  • Perform well on projects
  • Build your network

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You will join a strategy consulting firm soon or have recently joined one? The first few months will lay the foundation for your future career success! This “First 100 days in Strategy Consulting” survival guide contains the most important tips on how to perform well during the first months. It will help you find out how to perform outstandingly on first projects, build an internal network and develop your consulting skills. Take this opportunity to boost your career start!


Introduction and key challenges during the first months in strategy consulting
  • Feedback from strategy consultants
  • Key dimensions to be developed during the first months in strategy consulting
Tips to perform well on projects
  • Overview of a typical project‘s evaluation grid
  • Differences between standard and outstanding performances
  • Checklist to unlock a better performance
Tips to build an internal network
  • How to understand the internal ecosystem
  • How to know and make me known
  • How to leverage the internal ecosystem
Tips to develop outstanding consulting skills
  • Tools
  • Communication skills
  • Consulting mindset

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David is a former BCG Project Leader in Paris and member of the interviewing team.

He is particularly aware of the challenges to be faced with when starting a career in consulting. He coached many new joiners during his career and helped them getting on-boarded.

David has 8 years of experience in consulting and has been himself a new joiner 3 times during his career (Accenture, Capgemini Consulting and BCG).

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