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Jarvis Drones Enterprise: Workforce of the Future

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Case Prompt

Jarvis Drones Enterprise builds and sells drones for last mile delivery in remote locations. They operate around the world, have 30,000 staff globally and are headquartered in Mumbai, India. Their mission is to provide guaranteed delivery services in harsh and difficult to access terrains. Pharma companies, Government agencies and NGOs offering medicines and other supplies to remote locations around the world are their main customers.

Recently Jarvis did an internal diagnostic and external benchmarking study of their workforce which revealed the following:

  1. 90% of their employees believe they need new skills to stay relevant at work
  2. Jarvis has underinvested by 30% compared to peers in training and development in last 2 years
  3. There is no clear plan on talent strategy for onslaught of AI and Automation in next 3-5 years
  4. Employees strongly believe that 40% of the operations jobs (supply chain, manufacturing) could be lost to machines in next 3-5 years

How should Jarvis evolve their talent strategy to re-architect the future workforce?

I. Two main issue themes

II. Talent Strategy

III. Business Case

Further Questions

How do you monitor whether the new talent strategy is working well? 

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