What would be a reason not to hire you?

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New answer on Sep 11, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Jan 23, 2020

How would you answer this question in your Personal Fit interview? Receive feedback on your answer and browse through the Q&As to review the approaches of other applicants and experts.

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Anonymous D replied on Sep 11, 2021

no reason

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sophie replied on Feb 07, 2021


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Anonymous C replied on Jan 18, 2021

My values do not allign with that of the company

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Gaurav on Jan 20, 2021

How so? Could you explain? Is it possible to turn this weakness into something positive? If no, it might be a deal-breaker. But I'm sure it's possible;)

Anonymous B replied on Jan 06, 2021


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updated an answer on Feb 04, 2020
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This is a hidden "weakness" question. Find a weakness that isn't really one, and also explain why it isn't even really an issue anymore.

Additionally, you can pick something that is a weakness elsewhere, but not at weakness at consulting firms. E.G. "I question/challenge common beliefs/assumptions. This wasn't viewed positively at my old firm"


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