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I had my first round with strategy& london office few days back. There were 2 back to back case interviews. The first one didnt go that great as the interviewer was tough. The second discussion and case went very well and the interviewer seemed very positive.

Any insights into how's the feedback of the the two interviews computed and what's the criteria for getting a second round call.

Thank you


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Anonymous replied on May 26, 2019

Hi Anonymous,

It's generally a consesus-based decision so a very good case can make-up for an average case.

I know it's against our nature, but if I were you I wouldn't worry yourself with the technicalities; it won't change anything and you may as well think about more productive things while you wait for an answer.

That said, when they do call, regardless of what they say, do ask if they have any feedback for you and areas they think you could work on.

Best of luck with the results, and, waiting for them as well!

Anonymous replied on May 31, 2019

Hi there,

There is a reason for having 2 interviews a day. If you have okayish performance in one but good performance in another, companies may want to give you a second chance. However, if you did perform very poor at one of those interviews, you may have not get your next round visa. Especially if the reason for poor performance was not one of the areas you performed very well in another interview then it is even more likely that you may not receive an invitation for next round.



replied on May 26, 2019
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There is no formal process here or anything you can do. If someone strongly disliked you - you'll not get in. If it was just the performance but in general he liked you - you might get it. So just concentrate on preparation to the next round / other companies.