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Hello everyone,

I am adressing this message to the French members. I would like to practice on cases that have been given in Paris for real interviews at consulting firm's offices. Do you know where I can find such resources ? Does any of you has already passed interviews and would like to share its case's experience ?

Thank you very much


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Guennael replied on 01/12/2017
Ex-MBB, BCG/Bain/Experienced Hire specialist


No responses so far, so I'll chime in. I strongly caution you against preparing this way: cracking a case is a very repeatable process, so if you know how to crack a case today, we can pretty much guarantee you'll crack the one tomorrow and the day after.

If however you start learning to the test (prepare a specific case), you run the risks of (1) not getting the same case you prepared on, or worse, (2) getting a case that LOOKS like what you've prepared but actually different. And here, I don't think you will like the result.

In any case, the answer to a case is not necessarily as important as the way you got to it -> there is no shortcut.

My strong recommendation is for you to take on a variety of cases and learn how to crack them. That will serve you well, both in the actual BCG/McK interviews and in the (real) corporate world outside of consulting.

Good luck


ex-BCG Dallas (and yes, from France)

Melina replied on 01/12/2017

I would love to practice on real cases given in Paris too so please let me know if you find out more! Especially that most of the case materials I have are in english, I would love to practice in french if you're up to it.

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