Do most candidates who reach 2nd interviews have good interpersonal skills?

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Anonymous asked on Aug 15, 2018

From those of you who have interviewed or been to interviews, does the general calibre of interpersonal skills seem quite high across the candidates?

Asking to determine how big an advantage excelling in this is, as if you get to that stage your CV no longer makes you stand out. Basically, are more candidates weeded out at this stage for underperforming in terms of interpersonal skills, or other features (i.e. way of thinking during case interview).

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replied on Aug 15, 2018
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I would say that at the 2nd round the partners are more demanding to your interpersonal skills than the fresh managers of the 1st round. The partners in the last round are more experienced and they will challenge every single detail of your story. They can easily spot if you have problems with communication, etc. And they will be looking at you have a question in mind: "Can I put this person in front of the client or not"


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