Deloitte's written case study round, over email?

Deloitte Consulting written case written case over email
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Has anyone worked on a case interview where the question/ problem was sent to you over email and then you had to propose the solution in writing and send it back to Deloitte over email..and if they liked it, they would invite you to discuss it in person? Has anyone gone through a similar process, either with Deloitte or other management consulting firms?

I would like to understand the kind of problem statements you had (for my practice) and how you went about answering it!

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Hi there,

Consulting companies may send cases over e-mail during the very first stages of the interview. There’s no much difference in the content of the work you will be conducting, but it means you will not be able to influence the situation on a real-time basis. So you definitely want to make sure that you will write your e-mail properly and will be taken seriously. I would recommend to be very precise and strictly on point. A very brief, restrained, and well-structured e-mail will be more appropriate in this case than vague and wordy. Pay attention to the details.

All in all, you just need to apply the techniques you already know from solving the standart cases, + 80-20, time management, create a nice structure, and be correct in your math!

If you have any other questions - feel free to text me!



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