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Anonymous A asked on Aug 16, 2018 - 3 answers

Hi all,

I am an advanced degree candidate (Ph.D. in life sciences) preparing for a career in management consulting.

I have been preparing (editing resume/CV, preparing answers for fit questions, researching consulting firms, casing) and while I feel confident about my strategy to land an offer I have some concerns hopefully someone here can help.

I would like to be ready before I apply to prevent being unprepared for the interview. My concern is beyond losing the offer some firms even have a ban before one can reapply.

In addition, there are other considerations too - seasonal recruitment for fresh graduates, applying via website versus getting a referrals.

My question is should I rush my applications via the firms' career websites to be ahead of the campus/graduate hiring season? Or should I try and link up with recruiters from these companies.

Is it absolutely crucial to be referred in? I do worry a little that my application will be lost in the heap if I apply via website. Thus I have been reaching out to recruiters and consultants in these firms but response from them, as expected, is rather slow. Of course I understand they are busy people, though what would be a good amount of time to wait before following up? A week?


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Anonymous A replied on Aug 17, 2018

Reply to Vlad:

Applying for MBB + Oliver Wyman + Strategy& + Monitor Deloitte in SIngapore. Other SEA offices are considered too.

Reply to Anonymous B:

Thanks for the info, that was insightful. I have quantified the items on my resume, gonna take a closer look at it. Funny I never knew about the ADC recruiting programs despite speaking to some consultants I networked with. Definitely gonna apply to those as you suggest.

Just to clarify when is the end of the fall cycle, September?

No problem. End of cycle for ADC in the US is end of Sept. Not sure about elsewhere. — Anonymous on Aug 17, 2018

replied on Aug 16, 2018
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Since the situation is very different depending on the country / office - we need more information about that.


Anonymous B updated his answer on Aug 16, 2018

I am also an ADC and got interviews at all three MBB, as well as several life science firms, so I can tell you what I did.

Spend a lot of time on your resume, and quantify every aspect of it with your impact.

I also applied (and got into) all of the ADC recruiting programs - McK Insight, Bridge2BCG, Bain AIC. These get you a first round interview and are a huge advantage for networking, etc. Definately apply!

I would not worry too much about not being able to reapply. I know several people that did not get offers last year, but got another shot this year.

You are emailing people in the middle of this year's recruiting cycle, so I wouldn't expect much response. I would wait and start emailing after the fall cycle to network, then apply for the ADC programs in the spring. If you don't get those, apply for next year's recruiting cycle - I believe it is much easier to get an interview on cycle.


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