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Anonymous A asked on Aug 31, 2018

Hi all, does anyone have experience and/or insights into AlixPartners?

I understand that they have an emphasis on work around restructuring, interims management, and financial evaluation/forensics. Also, they seem to have a structure of (very) experienced consultants, with few entry level positions (no pyramidal structure as most other).

Furthermore, they see themselves as an elite consultancy, which is reflected in allegedly the best profitability in the market, and a rather particular recruiting process involving psychometric and personality tests & profiling by a psychologist.

Happy to learn more about them, thanks.

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Hi Anis,

My understanding is that it is a pretty rigorous process. There are four main steps:

  1. HR screening
  2. A Behavioral phone interview with a consultant at the company
  3. A fit + case interview
  4. An in office aptitude/IQ test

I have a list of industries + functions that you need to prepare for for their interviews as well. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want this.


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Anonymous replied on Sep 06, 2018

Hey there,

what you wrote sounds about right and matches my experience with them (never worked for them, but with them on clients, some colleagues went there).

Now to pick an analogy: If MBB are the Marines (who already consider themselves to be pretty tough and elite) - these guys consider themselves to be the Marine Scout Snipers, so the elite of the elite. And from what I have seen and heard, they usually deliver on that promise.

You can also take the military analogy even further:

  • Working with MBB may be to many "normal jobs" what Marine basic training is to a wellness yoga retreat. Then working with Alix Partners is like Sniper School - dirtier, tougher and even more demanding.
  • But then so are the missions they are called in for. There are some missions where you deploy the Marines, and some for which you may need to go even beyond that...

Hope this helps.

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Anonymous replied on Aug 03, 2020

Hi Anis,

Yes, I have helped 2 mentees to pass the interviews with Alixpartners in the offices NewYork and Middle East.

What exactly is your question?

If you want you can also drop me a line in PM, and I'm happy to share my insights with you.


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Anonymous B replied on Aug 02, 2020

Glassdoor provides some insights.

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