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Crack the Case Workshop - Cases & Frameworks
Course Introduction
How a Consultant's Mind Works
Cases & Frameworks
The 7 Commandments
4 Useful Concepts For Cracking Cases
Market Sizing Framework
Market Sizing Insights
Improve Profitability
Core Three Framework
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Course Introduction

In this 90-minute "Crack the Case" workshop you will find a step-by-step approach on how to solve a case study. Especially if you want to get familiar with the most important frameworks, this tutorial is just the right way to start. In the first section, you will get access to the presentation slides used in the workshop. After that, you can watch the entire workshop divided by 9 videos covering the following points:

  • How a consultant's mind works
  • Cases & frameworks
  • The 7 commandments
  • 4 useful concepts for cracking cases
  • Market sizing framework
  • Market sizing insights
  • Improve profitability
  • Core 3 framework
  • Takeaways

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